Maidens Barn Story

Maidens Barn was not always just a wedding venue!

So we thought it would be nice to share our story of how we became the stunning venue we are today!

Birds Eye View

The Photograph closest to the left was taken around 1980. You can notice a huge difference in the developments compared with the photo furthest to the right which was taken in 2007.

When looking at the oldest picture you can see the original barn within the grounds. This barn was built in 1806, to which we have now transformed into Maidens Barn!

Along with transforming the original barn, we have added in many more improvements along the way!

Beautiful beams

Elegant and traditional character, the beams just showcase how breathtaking the barn truly is. Since this picture was taken back when we first converted the barn, we have added in a stunning galleria.


This part of the barn was developed 16 years ago in 2002. The gallery is a perfect place for photos and can be used for entertainment or just as a quiet area for family and friends to chat.


Now looking from the outside you can see how we have developed Maidens Barn. This picture was taken whilst extending the wedding venue to make room for the dance floor in 1994!!

Maidens Farm

The very proud owners of Maidens Barn The Matthews, have been farming since 1696! they have had various farms in and around High Easter, however they made the decision to move into Maidens Farm in the 1900's.

This picture was taken of the previous farming family The Crows in 1890.

Maidens Farm Today

The Matthews are still an active farming family today, along side Maidens Barn using the stunning grounds and converted barns as a wedding venue.