Wedding Planning Top Tips!

So, its official…. you have set your date and you can finally start the planning!! How exciting!!!…. until you realise how much you really have to do!


Here at Maidens Barn we want all of our bride and grooms to enjoy this process, with it being as hassle free as possible.


So, I have put together a simple guide that should help you flow through your planning and tick off as you go along!


  • The date is set…but you still need to make sure that you can actually get married! To do this you will need to make sure you have your registrar booked if you are having a civil ceremony, or make sure that your local church is available on the set date. You can get in contact with your local council registrar office who will assist you with this.


  • Once the above is all done, the next step to think about is Wedding Insurance. Although this may not be to everyone’s liking, we do find that it tends to give you peace of mind when you start spending money to make your day so special!


  • Save The Date!! You may be pretty eager to start telling anybody & everybody what the date of your wedding is, but normally you would not need to worry until around 10 months before the wedding date. This ensures that close family and friends who you know will definitely be invited to the ceremony don’t go and book up their family vacation over your wedding day!


  • THE DRESS!! For any girl, this has to be THE most exciting part of all the planning!! Don’t forget to take a camera along with you; because not only is your wedding day special, but you will also wish you had a picture with you and your loved ones celebrating with a glass of Prosecco in hand at your favourite bridal boutique, trying on dresses! Don’t forget you’ll also need to think about suits for the groomsmen, bridesmaid gowns, pageboy outfits or flower girl dresses.


  • Wedding Rings…..This is the part of shopping that you can both do together! Make a day of it - when you are both choosing your rings this is not something that is just a piece of jewellery, it will be something that is bonding you both together for the rest of your lives.


  • The Guests List…..this stage in the process you probably already completed when you first got engaged!! We have all done it…however numbers always change and that’s perfectly normal. Always start with those that are closest to you; your immediate family, best men, groomsmen and bridesmaids etc, and then slowly work your way out. If you find you have too many on your list for the day then usually the last people on your list you can assume would be the first to go. We all understand budgets, and friends & family all know how expensive weddings can be! Never stress and panic - remember its your day, your money, so your choice!!


  • Booking your Suppliers! Most wedding venues have a suppliers list that they will recommend. This is usually because they have found these particular companies great to work with, fantastic at their job and have left all of their customers feeling happy, so always check them out first. However, if none of these take your fancy then by all means shop around. You will need to think about your flowers…how many tables will you need centre pieces for and will you want them for the ceremony? Bridal bouquets and button holes!


Photographer/videographer… always check out their previous work before booking. All photographers have different styles and techniques, you need to make sure you find the right one for you.

Wedding Cars… Often the bride will be here at Maidens already if they are having a civil ceremony. However, if you are planning a church wedding or wish to arrive just before the ceremony, then you will need to arrange your transport for that. Take a look online and see the different options available as you will most certainly be surprised at the selection!

Cake, make sure you do the taste test!! Nothing worse than finding a great cake maker who is amazing at the decoration part but is not suited to your taste buds! And for those of you who didn’t already know…Marks and Spencer do a variety of wedding cakes at a great price!

  • After being a busy bee and booking your suppliers, what better thing to do than arrange a Honeymoon! Now if you haven’t included a honeymoon within your wedding budget then don’t panic! There are plenty of options and deals out there to suit everybody. As long as you’re both together to celebrate becoming Husband and Wife then that’s all that matters! Usually for those couples that do have a honeymoon it is done within a few weeks of being married so you’re still in your new married bubble!


  • The invitations and table plan… should have already sorted out your colour scheme and guest list. Many brides like doing the invitations themselves - you can buy the supplies from many places online. Check out videos on YouTube or Pinterest to help you. Get your bridesmaids altogether with a bottle of wine! You could all have a bit of fun putting them together. Or you can always find a suitable company that will do these for you.


These should be sent out around 3-6 months before the wedding date.


The table plan is also a fun way for you to bring together a certain theme you have in mind. Again this is such a fun thing for you to do yourself! You will find that most family members are grateful for you to ask them for help and glad to be able to do something.


  • Finishing touches, these can include your wedding favours, name cards, menus and gifts etc. We always recommend not to go to over board! You can get lots of different ideas online and don’t forget…..less is more!



  • The finale….this you can go through with your wedding co-ordinator and can be done around a month before the wedding. This will enable you to go through your order of service and timings, speeches first dance and any last-minute questions.



Once this is done you should be ready to relax!!!! Remember this is your day - don’t stress over the smaller things, concentrate on the fact you have all the people you love around you to celebrate and nothing else matters!

The Team at Maidens Barn are always here to help you and happy to give any advice where needed!