Anything we haven't covered please do just get in touch.

What is our maximum capacity?

We can hold a total of 200 guests for both day and evening.

Do we allow outside caterers?

Our onsite catering company only as we like to ensure you have the best and most reliable for your big day!

Can you leave your car over night?

Yes you are most welcome however will be at the car owners risk and as long as the car has been moved by 12pm the following day.

Does our bar accept card?

Yes, both cash and card are accepted.

Do we have onsite accommodation?

Yes, we have 13 guests room and a honeymoon cottage for bride and groom.

Check in for the Hayloft is no earlier than 12.30pm

When can you access the Barn?

Doors open for both bridal party and suppliers at 9am.

Are all lights included in the price?

Yes! all of our twinkling lights are part of Maidens at no extra charge.

Do we allow pets at the venue?

Yes we love animals, however they can only stay for those all important photos and have to leave before your wedding breakfast.